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Avignon Off Festival (Provence)

Condition des Soies Theater

Festival 2019 | Facebook Festival 2018 | Facebook Selfie vidéo avec le public | Facebook

Grand concert in Kaliningrad

Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra / International Mikael Tariverdiev Festival

Photos | Facebook Videos of concert | YouTube

Kaluga and Moscow

5th tour in Russia (Spring))

Photos | Facebook


Rynek Festival and Women's Day in Wieliczka / Krakow

Photos of Festival | Facebook Photos 2 | Facebook Photos 1 | Facebook

Vladimir and Moscow

4th tour in Russia (summer)

Video slideshow | Facebook


2 seasons at the Muses Theater and Gala of the Monaco Méditerranéen Foundation

Photos of 2nd season | Facebook Photos of 1st season | Facebook Photo of Gala | Facebook

Vladimir and Moscow

3rd tour in Russia (winter) / Mini videos | Facebook

Moscow Vladimir Yuriev-Polskiy Vyazniki Kovrov Murom Gorokhovets Pokrov Raduzhniy Sudogda Gus-Krustalny

Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Vladimir et Kaluga

2nd tour in Russia (spring)

Photos and videos

From Vladimir to Moscow

1st tour in Russia (spring)

Photos and videos

New York

5 days in New York for the Best of France in Times Square

Photos and videos

Centenary Edith Piaf

Tribute to Edith Piaf at the Theater of the Russian Embassy in Paris and at the Sens City Theater

Paris Sens

Great concerts at the Sens City Theater

4 years of concerts in the birthplace of Christelle Lourye

Secret Garden (Personal compositions) | Facebook Piaf Gréco Barbara | Facebook Paris Broadway | Facebook Centenaire Edith Piaf

Vintage instant (Elegant photos)

Photo session at the art photo festival


Meeting with Jean-Pierre Blivet

Great voice teacher